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Established in 1978, Hans German Car has been leading the way in quality, customer focused automotive service for over 30 years. From the beginning it has been our mission statement to put the customer before profit margins. It is this ideology that has allowed Hans German Car to succeed in a hostile industry, building a reputation that is synonymous with honesty and excellence.

One of the largest clichés in our industry is that of the dishonest repair shop swindling innocent customers; charging them for unnecessary parts or service and performing substandard repairs. While not all shops are this way, it is the unfortunate truth that large portions of the industry (especially dealerships) do partake in this unsavory way of doing business. It makes us all look bad, and even worse, destroys the trust of the public. It is difficult to find an auto shop that you can trust. It is a legitimate concern that we felt needed to be addressed when we established Hans German Car. We operate in an air of complete honesty and never pressure the customer. It is a way of doing business that our clients have come to appreciate, with many of them being with us since the beginning.

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